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Share your reaction and experiences of the French gilets jaunes protests

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Anti-government demonstrations led to central Paris experiencing its worst violence in a decade, with more than 100 people injured and buildings and cars set alight on Saturday.

The protests, which began against fuel taxes two weeks ago, have become an anti-government movement with protesters from the gilets jaunes – named because of the flourescent yellow jackets they wear – clashing with riot police in the city.

After three successive Saturday citizens’ marches in Paris organised on social media, the security forces seemed at a loss contain the protests. Protests have also been held in Marseilles and Toulouse, with fuel depots and roads blockaded around the country.

We’d like to hear your experiences and reaction to the gilets jaunes demonstrations. Do you support them? How do you feel about the rioting that has taken place? If you have taken part, we’d also like to hear from you.

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