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Labour Party slapped with RECORD FINE after submitting ‘INACCURATE donations’ form

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This was the highest fine ever issued for the offence. An additional £500 charge was slapped on the Party for failing to deliver accurate pre-poll reports in the run-up to the 2017 General Election. The Electoral Commission is responsible for monitoring spending during UK elections, to maintain a level playing field.

Louise Edwards, the Electoral Commission’s Director of Regulations, commented: “The sanctions we have imposed on the Labour Party for an inaccurate donations report is the highest fine we have issued for an offence of this kind.

“As a well-funded political party it should be able to meet its legal requirements.”

Political parties are required to produce a report on the donations they have received every three months.

During the six weeks before a General Election they are obliged to produce an additional weekly report.

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Labour has been fined for violating both these requirements.

A Labour Party spokesman said: “This was a genuine administrative error.

“Labour adheres to all Electoral Commission rules on the publication of donations.”

The BBC’s Chris Mason indicated Labour submitted one donation three months later than it should have, whilst some of its reports contained duplicate donations.

A Labour source told the PoliticsHome website the fine has already been paid.

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Separately, the Liberal Democrats were fined £200 in December after failing to produce an accurate donations report.

A Conservative Party branch in High Peak, in Derbyshire, also faced a £200 fine after failing to return an unaccepted donation within the 30 day limit.

Ms Edwards added: “The reporting requirements are clear, so it is always disappointing when parties and campaigners fail to comply.

“The law clearly states when and how financial data is required to be submitted to the Commission.

“We will continue to enforce these requirements on all parties and campaigners to ensure voters have the information they need.”

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