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In The Closet: Miles Kane’s look is pure rock’n’roll

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Miles Kane

Miles was a member of bands The Little Flames and The Rascals. (Image: S MAG)

He has just released his third solo album, Coup de Grace, and is touring this year. He formed the band The Last Shadow Puppets with Arctic Monkeys frontman Alex Turner.

Miles splits his time between Los Angeles and London.

How would you describe your style?

I like to use the mod style as the base and then accentuate it in whichever way I feel.

I’m into wearing suit trousers with a T-shirt at the moment.

Which colours do you like wearing? I change.

At the moment I’m keeping it quite classic and simple, but I have some louder stuff for gigs.

What is your favourite fashion era?

Overall, the 60s mod era, because that ranges from smart suits to ankle-cut jeans with loafers.

Miles Kane

Everything Miles wears onstage is custom-made by a guy called Ray Brown. (Image: GETTY)

What do you wear for your live performances?

Everything I wear onstage is custom-made by a guy called Ray Brown – we’ve been working together since my first solo record.

I like to wear things no one else has.

When I wear his things it feels like I’m ready to go.

I’ve been getting into wearing a headband recently though – it’s partly inspired by Robert De Niro – in The Deer Hunter – and Al Pacino.

Have you enjoyed touring again this year?

It’s been a while since I’d done a solo tour and we did some small gigs earlier this year.

I’ve got a new band as well and it was a lot of fun.

It feels fresh and exciting.

I played a festival in Moscow recently, which was mega.

It’s a young crowd there and they’re really passionate – I felt like I was in One Direction.

Miles Kane

Miles’s latest show was at a festival in Moscow. (Image: S MAG)

the first collection ended up being six or seven tops in a kind of Sopranos style, the second collection is bigger and there’s a third one coming out later this year, I love working with them and enjoy going into their office with ideas

Miles Kane

What can fans expect from the new album?

It’s an upbeat rock’n’roll album with punk songs, glam songs and a couple of lovey-dovey ballads.

There are a lot of emotions in there and it’s a very personal album lyrically.

I collaborated with Jamie T and Lana Del Rey on one song and the album title is named after the signature move of a WWE wrestler called Finn Bálor.

I’m such a fan of wrestling and the dramatic meaning seemed fitting.

You’ve recently launched your second collection with Fred Perry. Have you always been a fan of the brand?

I’ve always worn Fred Perry and it’s always been my style, even as a kid.

The first collection ended up being six or seven tops in a kind of Sopranos style.

The second collection is bigger and there’s a third one coming out later this year.

I love working with them and enjoy going into their office with ideas.

Miles Kane

Miles has recently launched his second collection with Fred Perry. (Image: GETTY)

Do you have a favourite outfit from your collections?

I had a one-off white tracksuit made for me for a festival – it’s so ridiculous I hope we might be able to make more of them one day.

Have you always been interested in fashion?

I’ve always loved clothes, even as a kid.

It started when I got my first all-black Lacoste tracksuit, which I thought was so classy back then.

I like the way my style has evolved, from dressing sportily to wanting to look like Oasis or The Libertines as a teenager, to wearing eyeliner like Marc Bolan.

Who are your style icons?

I’m a big fan of Al Pacino and Paul Weller.

Which other fashion brands do you like?

I’ve always loved Sandro and I like Maje, Paul Smith and John Smedley, too.

Do you have any favourite designers?

I’m a sucker for Gucci loafers.

This has got to stop – I’ve got too many to count.

I like some of the prints that high-end brands do, but I feel like I can only really wear them once.

I like to keep it classic if I’m spending a bit.

Miles Kane

Miles has always worn Fred Perry, even as a kid. (Image: S MAG)

Do you own anything vintage?

I’ve bought a few vintage T-shirts recently, which is quite a new thing for me.

I’ve never really been interested in vintage clothes before.

I like wearing them with smart trousers.

What is the most expensive item in your wardrobe?

Probably all the Gucci loafers put together.

You could probably pay a year’s rent with them.

Are you a hoarder or do you clear out your wardrobe regularly?

I guess I am a bit of a hoarder.

I’ve got a storage unit full of clothes, mostly stage outfits now.

I feel like I can’t get rid of them.

They all look amazing and unique.

It would be interesting to look at them all from then to now.

Miles Kane

For venues and tickets, visit (Image: GETTY)

What is the best piece of fashion advice you could give?

Go with your mood, and you’ve got to be confident with what you’re wearing.

Like me wearing a headband onstage.

I tried it years ago and it didn’t feel right but now I’m ready for it and it looks cool. Coup de Grace is out now.

Miles has UK tour dates in November and December.

For venues and tickets, visit

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