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Dancing on Ice 2019: Wes Nelson’s girlfriend Megan branded IMMATURE after THAT spat

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The incident was a topic of discussion on Loose Women today, and the panellists ended up branding the Love Island star as “immature”.

“I feel really sorry for her,” began Nadia Sawalha.

Coleen Nolan added: “Also, I have to say that these shows very long process and you are with your partner eight, ten hours a day you become all consumed by it.”

“And in intimate poses,” added Jane.

Ruth then interjected: “And skimpy costumes,” who went on to add: “They haven’t been together for very long… I do get it you have to be quite mature.”

Coleen, who appeared on Dancing On Ice with Stuart Widdal, spoke about her experience on the show.

“You get home, and you’re absolutely shattered,” she said.

“The only reason there wasn’t that situation at the time.

“My partner was gay, so he didn’t have to worry about that I think it would have been really difficult, it’s a really intense moment if you’re relationship is in any way slightly insecure.

“We’re all older and more mature,” she finished.

However, the panellists did feel sorry for Megan and were quick to show their support for her.

“I actually do feel quite sorry for her,” repeated Nadia.

“Why should the onus been on the partner?” asked Jane in relation to Megan.

That said, despite all of this talk, Wes will be hoping people will be concentrating on his performance in the upcoming weeks.

He and his dance partner, Vanessa Bauer, will be doing everything they can to win the competition so that she can make it two years on the trot.

Dancing On Ice continues Sunday at 6pm on ITV.

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