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Camilla Duchess of Cornwall puts on flirty display with Prince Charles in short blue skirt

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Camilla Duchess of Cornwall visited the Mackintosh at the Willow in Glasgow today following refurbishments.

She beamed and stood close to Prince Charles, whom she has been married to since 2005, while carrying out the engagement.

The couple brushed arms and seemed joyful in each other’s company as they made their way through the streets of Glasgow.

The recently restored tea rooms on Glasgow’s Sauciehall Street date back to 1903, and were being officially re-opened by the royal couple.

Camilla wore a powder blue straight cut jacket, with an exaggerated collar, which fastened at one side.

She paired this with a matching powder blue skirt which was pleated and cut at the knee to show off her calves.

The Duchess opted for clear tights under her skirt to pull her regal look together.

She also wore a pair of two-tone cream heels with a pointed toe and a low heel.

In one hand she clasped a medium sized taupe colour handbag with a handle.

Around her neck she wore a two strand pearl necklace. She finished off the look with a set of pearl earrings.

While undoubtedly focused on their public duties, Camilla and Charles gave flirty signals as they walked.

For instance, pictures show Camilla clearly brushing Charles’ arm as they walk close to one another side by side. 

Another picture shows Camilla smiling broadly at her husband as if he has just said something funny to her. 

Recently, Camilla wore her favourite necklace to meet Princess Haya bint Hussein.

The Duchess of Cornwall met with the daughter of King Hussein of Jordan and his third wife, Queen Alia.

She and Prince Charles met with the foreign royal to St Katharine Docks in London.

They were visiting the “Maiden” yacht, which was used by the first all-female crew to sail in the Whitbread Round the World Race.

Camilla Parker Bowles wore a black and white dress to the event, matching with the princess who also opted for a black and white gown.

She added a pair of brown suede shoes with a slight wedge heel.

She also added her favourite pearl and diamond necklace and pearl and diamond earrings to the look.

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