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BREAKING: Amazon Echo DOWN: Alexa suddenly ‘goes rogue’ in Brit households

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AMAZON Echo users have reported the smart device has suddenly gone offline – and nobody knows why.

Amazon echpo goes down

ROGUE: Users have reported the smart device is ignoring them and suddenly turning off (Pic: GETTY)

Down Detector – the website that tracks outages – has received numerous reports the home-helper smart gadget has stopped working.

Users have even reported the Echo, which responds to the name “Alexa”, has seemingly gone “rogue” and has been suddenly turning itself off and ignoring voice commands.

A map giving a picture of where the device is down globally shows it is primarily UK and European users that are affected.

Some reports have come from the United States, although most people are asleep there with the time difference.

Amazon echo down

OFFLINE: It is not clear why the Amazon devices have stopped working (Pic: GETTY)

One user complained on Down Detector: “MyAlexaa devices are intermittent this morning.”

Another wrote: “Anybody else’s Alexa ignoring them this morning?

“It played my local radio station after a while, but won’t do anything else. Just ignoring me. Won’t even turn off.”

And some even said the Alexa appeared to have developed a mind of its own: “Won’t turn up the heating, and is thinking long and hard about whether to turn lights on or off.” 

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